Thursday, 27 September 2012

Siebel Open UI at OOW 2012

Just thought I would quickly list the two key sessions for Siebel Open UI at next weeks OOW.

These are going to be packed I'm sure, so make sure you have registered !
Hopefully there will be final confirmation of what's in / what's not and when we can get our hands on it !

I'll be the one asking all the questions listed in my previous post !

CON9705 - Unleash the Power of “Open UI”
Attend this panel discussion to learn how you can extend and unleash
the power of Oracle’s new “Open UI” Siebel interface, which focuses on customer experience.

CON9703 - User Interface Innovations with the New Siebel “Open UI”
This session provides an update on the new Siebel “Open UI” initiative that supports multiple
browsers and devices. It also presents an overview of the product deliverables.

If you've browsed the catalog and found others relevant please post a comment

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