Friday, 28 September 2012

Oracle OpenWorld Preview Video

For those of you going to Oracle OpenWorld next week, thought I would post this 7min video from a couple of Analysts, Denis Pombriant and Brent Leary - and what they see as the focus for OOW 2012.

This is from and in the video, Denis and Brent discuss their predictions for the conference:
  • A focus on customer experience;
  • The importance of getting customers to transition to the Oracle Fusion Application; and
  • How Oracle will begin to piece together their newer acquisitions.
I have agree regarding CX, I've now been to a few Oracle presentations in the lead up to OOW, and CX (Though I would argue that UX is a more 'all encompassing' term) is the name of the game.. Should be interesting to see how they weave that message into the sessions !

Anyway enjoy the show..

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