Monday, 4 April 2016

NEW! InterACT2Go - Mobile CRM App and App Designer from CRMantra

NEW! InterACT2Go -   Mobile CRM App and App Designer from CRMantra

It’s About Sales and Service, Not Just CRM.

1. CRM Isn’t the Only App.

Field reps use many apps and services (including CRM) to complete their tasks. For best UX and adoption, mobile apps should provide intuitive and seamless process flows resulting from mash ups of multiple back-end systems and services.Integrations with multiple back-end systems and services are critical.

2. 360° View at All Times.

Users need a 360° view at all times. Definition of the 360° varies by users’ role and stage in the process. This view has to be readily customizable.

3. Access to Data.

Users need access to relevant data all times. On the go. Online or Offline. That’s what mobile is about, isn’t it?

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