Thursday, 23 April 2015

From despair to delight - how improved UX can re-energise your users

Building physical networks is no easy task – Giving your customer an 100% accurate quote can be just as hard.

Designing networks or configuring data centres is complex, but for many companies the time it takes from designing the solution to getting the order completed can take weeks. 
That’s the ‘sales drag’ and it has a direct impact on your companies bottom line.

With Visual Configurator from CRMantra we can provide a simple and visual way for your sales reps to quickly build and quote for complex networks and services.

Key features:
  • Designed for advanced visual configurations
  • Works in conjunction with your existing CRM or CPQ system
  • Can be used with CRMantra’s sales and service process packs,
  • Can be embedded within your own customer, partner or internal portals
  • Web-based, responsive design – build network solutions in a drag and drop fashion on desktop or tablets.
  • Can provide CAD Drawings as the basis for installation
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Visual Configurator can be used within our own guided selling solution (InterActCPQ) 
Built using Responsive Design principles, InterActCPQ provides a consistent experience across desktop and mobile devices.  
Reps won’t miss their spreadsheet once they start using InterActCPQ.  They’ll love closing their deals!

Key features

  • Process Templates to facilitate the navigation of the steps to close deals faster.
  • Scenario Builder to enable trade-offs between solution offerings, budgets, margins, sales commissions, etc.
  • Visual Configurator Designing your solution offering visually is as easy as building Lego!
Take a look at our youtube video -

Key Benefits
  • close deals faster
  • increase deal size with recommendations
  • radically reduce quotation time
  • give your customers a better buying experience
  • Accurate pricing every time
Read more about this on our website  - Configure-Price-Quote

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