Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Mobilize your workforce. Now!

Mobilize your workforce. Now!

Whether it is Field Sales or Field Service or Retail PoS or Self Service, everyone today wants to go mobile and stay mobile.

The trend is there and pressure is increasing in organisations to find the right solution.  A simple search of the Apple App store or Google Play for Android , will bring up dozens of "CRM" apps, "Sales" apps, "Service" apps but how are organisations going to tailor these to there specific needs, as well as have them running and integrated within the existing IT landscape?  99% of these apps have not addressed that issue.

We believe that this makes the mobile solutions from CRMantra unique.  We have designed our applications on the premise that these will have to be tailored to the needs of the business as well as integrated in to one (and probably more) back end systems.

By providing the Front end app, the back-end integration and the development framework organisations are able to quickly and easily configure and deploy these mobile solutions.

Based on extensive feedback from our customers, (it has basically been designed by Reps for Reps),  it is focused on three design area's that we see as critical to success.

> 360° View Always see the information that is important to you.

> Seamless Sales Process – CRM is just one of the apps sales reps use.  Seamless sales process that   mashes up data across multiple enterprise applications and services at your fingertips.

> Full-time information access Connected, disconnected or a combination of both

I've included a few screenshots below which give some idea of the scope and appearance of the applications.

InterAct2Go comes with over 150 pre-built integrations
  • Enterprise apps:  Siebel,,  CRM On Demand, Fusion CRM, OBIEE, atg, Oracle eBusiness Suite, etc.
  • Social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter; 
  • Application services: Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Mapquest, Credit Check, Tax Calculation, Address Check, Credit card authorization
  • Device Functions: camera, GPS, audio and video recording
If you'd like to see a full demo or get more information on how we are achieving success for our customers then please get in touch.  

More details of our full Mobility Platform are on our website.

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