Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Are your internal users being left behind in the charge to CX?

I have been working with a number of clients over the past few months, all have Siebel CRM and all want, or need to provide solutions for increased cross-channel access for their Customers.  They have taken on board the 'CX' - Customer Experience' messaging and are actively looking for solutions.

On the flip side, the poor internal user, the Call Centre agent, Service Engineer or Sales Rep has had to put up with whatever they are given.  In some cases there has been out right mutiny and in a couple of cases some groups of users have refused to embrace their CRM system.

With all the hype regarding the Customers Journey, Multi-Channel, Cross-Channel and Social Media it has become obvious that this is now the focus for most businesses.  Those businesses run the risk of alienating their key internal user base.

At this stage in the CRM lifecycle many businesses have had CRM for at least 5 years and many for a lot longer.  We have now got to the stage where the internal users are crying out for improved usability, upgraded performance and streamlining those processes that are used day in, day out.

And the funny thing is, that kind of change can be as simple as consolidating a couple of views to halve the number of clicks - which for an agent taking orders can have a dramatic effect on their working day. What seems to be the issue for many is knowing where to start....

We have been analysing this for a number of our Siebel clients and some of the trends are jaw dropping spectacular... Out of 4000 available views - 50 views are typically account for 95% of all usage.  Get those 50 views working well, consolidated if necessary and performant and there will be a dramatic improvement to usability and productivity - conversely get it wrong and that could spell disaster !

I strongly believe in that UX is the key, but lets not forget the internal users. We can provide solutions that cover the whole range of UX challenges that your users have.

If this sounds familiar and you would like to understand more then please get in touch.

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