Monday, 22 February 2016

The Mobile App Development Platform Decision

The Mobile App Development Platform Decision:
Cross-compiled vs Hybrid vs Native

The objective of this report is to help developers and companies decide on the best platform for building mobile apps. This report is based on a compilation of research, market trends and ratings from different sources as well as our technical evaluations on various cross-platform tools for building mobile applications available in the market.

There were two drivers within our company leading to the work in this report.

  1. Keeping Current with the Latest Trends: Need to keep abreast of the latest trends and technologies mobile app development, and hence the best platform to develop our mobile apps.
  2. Rationalize the Development Cost: Given that we develop web-based apps, server-side apps, and mobile apps, it was becoming difficult to manage the diverse set of technology skills required within our development team.  The number of skills each developer needs to master as well as the number of developers required to manage different apps was fast becoming unsustainable.

Switching app development platform is expensive and often entails re-developing some of the existing apps.  The decision on which platform to use for developing mobile apps could be affected by the other types of applications and technologies used within the company.  This report focuses on the mobile app development platform options. 

After performing individual comparisons between different Hybrid development platforms, and selecting the top few, an overlying comparison table was made comparing 3 different mobile development approaches - Hybrid, Cross-Compiled and Native. This table compared cross-compiled platform tools such as Apache Flex/ActionScript, Ionic, React Native, Appcelerator Titanium, Xamarin, and Native Android/iOS development tools on various metrics such as Ease of Development, Learning Curve, Time-to-market, Device Access, Performance, User Experience, Development Cost, Access to features and Future Scope.

Each platform option was scored on each metric, with a lower number signifying a better score. These scores were based off of different comparison research reports done which highlighted specific aspects of a certain cross-platform tool on similar metrics.  The report contains scores that are subjective assessments made by us. Other experts in this area could arrive at different rankings and conclusions.  At the very least, we hope readers would get a good idea on different factors to consider in picking their mobile app development platform.

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InterACT2Go from CRMantra

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